What is the salary of stenographer in Pakistan?

What is the salary of stenographer in Pakistan?

What is Stenographer: Stenographer is a technical post for both male and female individuals. Federal government departments of Pakistan designates it as Stenographer with Basic Scale 14 whereas in provincial government departments of Punjab it is known as Stenographer with Basic Scale 15.

So if you intend to start your job as Stenographer in a government department, here is an estimate of salary for initial recruitment as per revised pay scales 2022:

Salary of Stenographer in Pakistan

As per Pay Scale 2022, an estimated salary of Stenographer in Provincial Government Departments is as follow:

Basic Salary of Grade 15                 = Rs.22310/-
House Rent Allowance                    = Rs.2349/-
Conveyance Allow                           = Rs.2856/-
Medical Allowance                           = Rs.1500/-
Adhoc Relief Allowance 2022 15%   = Rs.2418/-
Grand Salary (including tax)             = Rs.31433/-

Salary Increment and Other Financial Benefits Stenographer:

Stenographer (BS-15) gets Rs.1870/ as an annual increment in their salary from December of each year.
On each year budget, Government of Pakistan and Provincials Governments raise salary of and stenographer.
Usually after five years, pay scales of government employees are revised which also cause reasonable increase in salary of stenographer.
Many government departments give compensations to the employees in shape of honorarium, overtime allowance, utility allowance, special allowance, instruction allowance, audit/accounts allowance, punjab civil secretariat allowance, house requisition etc. The stenographers also enjoy the same.
Stenographers in Civil Secretariat also get Secretariat Allowance @ 50% of their baisc pay.
Salary of a stenographer in private sector can be more or less from public sector it varies from organization to organization.

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