10+ Latest Director Jobs in University of Sindh Jamshoro Jobs 2023

10+ Latest Director Jobs in University of Sindh Jamshoro Jobs 2023

University of Sindh has unfurled an array of fresh employment opportunities, resonating with the prestigious position of Director. These exceptional openings reside within the intricate realm of the Management sector, intricately intertwined with the expanse of Government employments. The stipulated prerequisites for this captivating vocation encompass an erudite spectrum, encompassing the scholarly achievements of MPhil, PhD, and MS.

Nestled amidst the vibrant heartbeat of Karachi, the chosen domicile for this opportunity beckons prospective aspirants to immerse themselves in the meticulously delineated prerequisites for the diverse vacancies that await. A harbinger of this beckoning comes in the form of a proclamation elegantly etched within the pages of the esteemed Jang newspaper, its ink still drying from the press on the 16th day of August in the year 2023. Anticipation finds its temporal boundaries etched with the looming date of the 25th day of September in the same year—anointing it as the culmination point for the quest to claim this alluring prospect.

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Published DateAugust 17, 2023
DepartmentUniversity of Sindh
Age Limit40
Apply ProcedureOnline / By Courier / By Hand
Total JobsMultiple
Last DateSeptember 25, 2023

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