Sindh Public Service Commission Thandi Sarak Hyderabad Jobs 2023

Sindh Public Service Commission Thandi Sarak Hyderabad Jobs 2023

SPSC Sindh Public Service Commission stands as the herald of fresh beginnings, announcing an array of new employment prospects. These positions span the gamut of professional domains, from the esteemed mantle of Assistant Administrative Officer to the trailblazing role of Assistant Officer Business Development. The architectural landscape finds its visionary in the form of Architect Infrastructure Planning Directorate, while the dynamic terrain of administration welcomes the Assistant Director Infrastructure Planning Directorate. A symphony of data finds its conductor in the Data Analyst Infrastructure Planning, while the digital realm’s guardianship is bestowed upon the Assistant Network Administrator.

Diverse dimensions of expertise converge harmoniously as the Assistant Officer Business Management and the Assistant Hr Officer emerge, each bearing the insignia of proficiency. The crescendo of skillfulness finds expression in roles like Assistant Director Business Management, Assistant Director Finance Audit, and Assistant Director Its. The compass of responsibility points resolutely towards the domains of human resources, law, and legal resettlement, with Assistant Director Hrm and Assistant Director Legal Resettlement assuming their positions in this intricate tapestry.

The realm of technology welcomes luminaries like the System Administrator, Assistant Director Mechanical, Assistant Director Bus Operations, Assistant Director It, Assistant Director Business Development, and Assistant Director Electrical. With each role meticulously crafted and curated, the canvas of employment opportunities unveils its masterpiece. These appointments, collectively designated within the Management category, stand as pillars of the governmental machinery, steering progress with unwavering commitment.

Qualification Required:


Post Names:

Assistant Administrative Officer
Assistant Officer Business Development
Architect Infrastructure Planning Directorate
Assistant Director Infrastructure Planning Directorate
Data Analyst Infrastructure Planning
Assistant Network Administrator
Assistant Officer Business Management
Assistant HR Officer
Assistant Director Business Management
Assistant Director Finance Audit
Assistant Director Its
Assistant Director Hrm
Assistant Director Legal Resettlement
System Administrator
Assistant Director Mechanical
Assistant Director Bus Operations
Assistant Director IT

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Published DateAugust 12, 2023
DepartmentSPSC Sindh Public Service Commission
Age Limit40
Apply ProcedureOnline / By Courier / By Hand
Total JobsMultiple
Last DateAugust 25, 2023

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