Ministry of Human Rights Islamabad Jobs 2023

Ministry of Human Rights Islamabad Jobs 2023

Ministry of Human Rights doth proclaim novel vocations! The mantle of Project Director Child Protection, Deputy Director Child Protection (Female), and the lofty title of Deputy Director Admin Account await worthy claimants. The role of Principal beckons, alongside the esteemed mantle of Assistant Director. Child Protection Officers, Psychologists, and even the compassionate embrace of Female Child Protection Officers stand ready to serve. A healing touch is sought from Female Doctors, while the reins of Manager Shelter await a capable hand. Wardens and nurturing Staff Nurses join this august assembly, while Assistant Private Secretaries and tech-savvy Assistants of the IT realm offer their talents. Office Assistants, the enlightening presence of Female Teachers, and the spiritual guidance of Religious Teachers also find their place. Store Keepers, diligent Nannies of the female persuasion, the empathetic voice of a Helpline Operator, Drivers, the culinary virtuoso of a Cook, diligent Gardeners, and the custodial embrace of Sanitary Workers—all converge in purpose.

Verily, these appointments dwell within the domain of Management, clasping hands with the realm of Government employ. The threshold of eligibility varies, from the simple foundation of Middle to the lofty pinnacle of MS, a testament to the diversity of knowledge sought.

In the heart of Islamabad, the stage is set, and candidates are summoned to heed the siren’s call. Pore over the litany of requisites that accompany each coveted role. The Express newspaper, as herald and heraldry, unveiled this missive on the eighth day of August in the year twenty-three, anno Domini. And lo, the sands of time shall trickle forth until the twenty-third of August, in the same year, serving as the final curtain for aspirants to stake their claim upon this grand stage of opportunity.

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Published DateAugust 8, 2023
DepartmentMinistry of Human Rights
Age Limit40
Apply ProcedureOnline / By Courier / By Hand
Total JobsMultiple
Last DateAugust 23, 2023

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